The gaia project

GAIA is a project coordinated by the Brighton Collaboration Foundation with core funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project aims to improve data generated for strengthening programs A immunization in pregnancy by harmonizing maternal, pregnancy, fetal, and neonatal health outcome assessment with specific focus on Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC), where the incidence of infectious diseases is high

A global project

GAIA outputs are being developed in close interaction with a global network of volunteer experts and stakeholders, whether individuals and organisations, to ensure global applicability and usefulness of the standards developed. Stakeholders include investigators, parallel projects and initiatives, and representatives of public health organisations and regulatory bodies, among others


GAIA is developing a set of standards, guidance and tools for the benefit of all concerned with investigating or monitoring the safety of immunization programs in pregnancy around the world. Furthermore, GAIA aims at creating a common understanding of the outcomes monitored, developing a common language for effective scientific communication about outcomes and by improving data comparability between studies to allow for better synthesis and pooling


The threat posed by #DiseaseX is substantial 🦠

We’re looking for innovative tech to rapidly develop vaccines and other immunoprophylactics to respond to the next unknown 👉

We used to think mosquitoes flew low to the ground and travelled less than 5km in their brief lifetimes 🦟

But researchers working in the Sahel have found mosquitoes can use the wind to travel hundreds of kilometres in a single night👉

Prof Eckert presents on how @GAIA_Consortium helps to improve research in women's health through their work on standardisation of case definitions & joining forces with @CoreOutcomes #FIGO2018

Commentary @BJOGTweets

Reducing research waste through standardisation of outcomes and definitions

@CoreOutcomes @GAIA_Consortium

If you work in maternal or infant vaccines, you might be interested to know that our sister network @IMPRINT_network has just opened their second round of pump priming - more on their website:

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