World Health Organization (WHO)

Patrick Zuber and Justin Ortiz
The WHO team involved in the GAIA project includes: Patrick Zuber and Justin Ortiz.

WHO provide the normative reference in global public health and has a mandate for capacity building in its member states. Specifically for this project, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety is the independent expert group that advises WHO for assessing vaccine safety concerns of global significance.

Contribution to the consortium

In WP 1, the focus will be on the appraisal of existing disease concepts, definitions, and outcome prioritization. This is to ensure seamless continuation from the work leading to and including the WHO-BC consultancy July 2014 and to involve relevant experts/groups at WHO in the definition and glossary development process. In WP2, WHO will contribute to the development and harmonization of code maps and ontologies as they compare to existing coding terminologies with particular emphasis on ICD 9, 10, and the upcoming ICD 11. In WP 4, WHO will coordinate Task 4.4 related to interactions, review and approval process with GACVS and its members.