WeDo | Project intelligence made easy (WeDo)

Ángel Honrado
Ángel Honrado will be the overall project manager of the GAIA PHASE II.

WeDo is a company specialized in the management of international, complex, and distributed research and innovation projects based in Barcelona. WeDo works with a miscellany of stakeholders from both public and private sectors, applying a strategic, efficient, lean, and focused project management approach to create an effective collaborative framework for results-driven decision-making and performance. 
WeDo leverages on the expertise of highly skilled and experienced professionals, with complementary backgrounds and a track record of over 12 years in international collaborative projects. WeDo professionals are an asset for the strategic planning, the project management, the financial and legal assessment, the exploitation and IPR management, the knowledge management, the business and sustainability planning, the design and implementation of training activities, and the design and implementation of dissemination and communication strategies of projects.

Contribution to the consortium

WeDo’s Project Manager will follow-up activities and monitor compliance with the work plan, planned resources and time schedule. It will closely support the Scientific Coordinator and OT Leaders in day-to-day management, promoting synergy and efficiency throughout. It will facilitate communication among partners and with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ensuring timeliness of the project outputs and tracking outcome achievements. The PM will drive risk assessment and manage quality control procedures on deliverables. It will also assist BCF with overall financial management of the project, budget re-arrangements, and coordinating and supporting all partners in financial and administrative tasks. He will be also in charge of updating the communication plan and coordinating the dissemination activities of the project, in collaboration with the OT3 leadership.