University of Washington (UW)

Linda O. Eckert
United States of America
UW team members in GAIA PHASE II: Linda O Eckert.

Dr Eckert was the WHO obstetrics consultant and lead of the Obstetrics Taskforce for the recent WHO/Brighton Project on Maternal Immunization:  Assessment of Adverse Events in Mothers and Infants, Definitions of Key Terms for the Assessment of Adverse Maternal Events. 

Additionally, Dr Eckert has been on the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Expert Immunization Review Committee since its formation 4 years ago, and also works with GAVI on the Immunization Review Committee, assessing grants and success in delivering immunizations.

Contribution to the consortium

University of Washington is the key representative of obstetricians and gynecologists in GAIA. UW coordinated the development of all obstetric case definitions and will continue to do so. UW involvement in all connected activities (e.g., CRF templates, definition mapper) is derived from the in depth knowledge of all obstetric case definitions. A key role of UW will continue to be liaison with OBGYN colleagues and organizations to raise awareness, disseminate GAIA outcomes and encourage evaluation studies.