Sturkenboom Coaching & Consultancies (SCC)

Miriam Sturkenboom
SCC team members in GAIA PHASE II: Miriam Sturkenboom.

Sturkenboom Coaching & Consultancies is a single person company dedicated to provide scientific and coaching support to advance science and public health. Staff in the company is prof. dr. Miriam Sturkenboom. The company was set up when she left Erasmus University Medical Center in April 2017 where she worked for 20 years and pioneered setting up distributed networks and associated infrastructures to support vaccine and drugs safety studies. She coordinated data management and analysis for several EU and global studies in the area of vaccines (i.e. VAESCO, SOMNIA, GVS-MCC) and many more in the drug area. Miriam is trained as pharmacists (University Groningen) and in epidemiology (Harvard School of Public Health) and did her PhD in pharmacoepidemiology. She has dedicated her career to create knowledge out of routine health care data to support clinical, regulatory and public health decision-making around the effects of drugs. She was responsible for assessing the observational evidence in GAIA and obtaining investigator feedback. She is president of the VACCINE.GRID charity that aims to facilitate global collaboration in the conduct of vaccine effects studies. She is co-leader of the NVPO funded project on evaluation of the GAIA case definitions in high-income settings. She is past president of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology and a Science Board member of the Brighton Collaboration. She authored more than 370 papers and supervised more than 30 PhD students. Miriam is the coordinator of the ADVANCE project (a public private partnership) funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, which aims to set up a system for benefit risk monitoring of vaccines in Europe ( She joined the Global Health group at the Utrecht University Medical Center in August 2017 and is pursuing her purpose to learn from available health data on a global level to improve public and personal health.  

Contribution to the consortium

Sturkenboom coaching and Consultancies will contribute to mapping case definitions and soliciting feedback from investigators in the practice survey. The key contribution will be the lead of a working group appraising various methods of case definition development. Prof Miriam Sturkenboom continues to bring extensive methodological expertise and experience to GAIA and is well familiar with the Brighton Collaboration case definitions following 6 years of Science Board membership.