St George’s, University of London (SGUL)

Paul Heath, Tatiana Munera Huertas and Chrissie Jones
The SGUL team involved in the GAIA project includes: Paul Heath, Tatiana Munera Huertas and Chrissie Jones.

St George’s, University of London is an innovative academic and research organization. The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Group of SGUL, co-led by Professor Paul Heath, is an internationally recognized center for PID research with a particular focus on perinatal infections, clinical vaccine trials, especially in at-risk groups.

Professor Paul Heath will participate in the project on behalf of SGUL. He has been involved with the Brighton Collaboration as a member of the Science Board and on the clinical advisory forum of experts. In this role he developed case definitions and guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation. He has been an advisor to the National Patient Safety Agency, National Institute of Clinical Excellence and Department of Health Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. He has extensive experience in clinical vaccine trials, including in pregnancy.

Dr Christine Jones will also participate in the project on behalf of SGUL. Dr Jones has expertise in the delivery of vaccine studies in pregnancy and is currently carrying out studies assessing maternal pertussis vaccination in pregnancy. She lead mother-infant studies in the UK and in LMIC and has published on maternal vaccination, including “Maternal immunization as a strategy to decrease susceptibility to infection in newborn infants” in Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases.

Contribution to the consortium

SGUL is involved in WP1, 3, 5. In WP 1, focus is on coordination of working groups developing case definitions. WP 3 is led by SGUL with specific focus on the development of a guidance document for harmonized collection, analysis and presentation of data pertinent to investigation and monitoring of immunization in pregnancy. As work package leader of WP 3, SGUL will be involved in the overall scientific coordination as part of WP5.