Case classification tool for clinical trial and program monitoring (ABC-Tool)

The ABC-tool, which can be found on the Brighton Collaboration’s website and is accessible to registered members of the Brighton Collaboration under the heading “Resources”, allows users to apply a Brighton Collaboration case definition on a suspected event in order to determine the diagnostic certainty of a diagnosis (option: “Confirm diagnosis”). Furthermore, the ABC-tool can help users to diagnose a patient with observed signs and symptoms based on the case definitions (option: “Search diagnosis”). Under the option “Analyse database”, for each case within a database which contains listed signs and symptoms analogous to a specific case definition, the respective diagnostic certainty for the selected event can be indicated.

This tool also can contribute to bring about a standardisation in diagnosis and in the understanding of adverse events following vaccinations through its global and fast usability. It serves persons engaged in pharmacovigilance but also physicians, supporting the diagnosis of certain events.

GAIA 1st Special Issue

Vaccine. Volume 34, Issue 49, Pages 5991-6110 (1 December 2016) – Harmonising Immunisation Safety Assessment in Pregnancy