Monash Institute of Medical Research Prince Henry’s Institute (MIMR-PHI)

Jim Buttery, Julie Quinn, Mai Sarraj and Sandra Chittock
The MIMR-PHI team involved in the GAIA project includes: Jim Buttery, Julie Quinn, Mai Sarraj and Sandra Chittock.

Dr Jim Buttery will participate in the project through the Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH) and the Ritchie Centre, part of the Monash University MIMR-PHI. Dr Buttery is a member of the Science Board of the Brighton Collaboration with extensive experience in assisting with vaccine safety case definition development. He has over 20 years’ experience in vaccine research, and serves on the Australian Advisory Committee on the Safety of Vaccines, the planning group of the Global Vaccine Safety Initiative and the Victorian Immunization Advisory Committee. He is a chief investigator and the clinical trial lead of an active Phase IIb trial of a neonatal rotavirus vaccine (RV3-BB) in Indonesia. He has served as a consultant in vaccine safety for the WHO (2011- present). Dr Buttery´s group (SAEFVIC) also successfully developed the draft Australian list of AEFI case definitions under tender from the federal department of health and ageing. The group has had extensive experience in vaccine safety surveillance and case definition development and testing since 2007. This enhanced safety surveillance model has since been duplicated in other Australian jurisdictions. Monash Health is a collaborative partner in the WHO Global vaccine Safety Multi-Country Collaboration.

Contribution to the consortium

In WP 1, the focus will be on overseeing the Brighton Collaboration network involvement as a dedicated Science Board member of the Brighton Collaboration for standard development. MCH will also coordinate specific case definition working groups and serve on the harmonization team across case definitions. In WP3 MCH will be pilot testing the tools developed in activity 3.1 and 3.2 as part of the development process. In WP 4 the focus will be on stakeholder interaction of the BC network. As partner and BC Science Board member, MCH will be involved in the overall scientific coordination as part of WP5.