Medical Research Council, Unit The Gambia (MRC)

Ed Clarke
The Gambia
MRC team members in GAIA PHASE II: Ed Clarke and Mustapha Bittaye.

The MRC Unit The Gambia (MRCG) is one of two research units established in sub-Saharan Africa by the Medical Research Council UK and is the MRC’s single largest investment in medical research in a low and middle income country. MRCG represents a unique concentration of scientific expertise and high quality research platforms in the West African region.  The Unit’s investigator-led research is underpinned by the combination of excellent laboratory facilities and easy access to the field with well-defined populations that are highly supportive of our research, excellent clinical services, rigorous ethical procedures and ability to deliver GCP-compliant clinical trials. Our large research portfolio spans basic research to the evaluation of interventions for the control of diseases of public health importance in sub-Saharan Africa.  We are currently undertaking a number of maternal vaccination trials of relevance to mothers and infants in this setting as well as generating data on the prevalence of other potential targets for maternal immunization including Group B streptococcus, RSV and influenza.  Within these trials we have already applied a number of the tools developed by the GAIA consortium in order to ensure the collection of high quality and consistent data

Contribution to the consortium

The MRC is a leading site conducting MI research in LMIC. Colleagues are well familiar with GAIA and informal collaboration is already established. An ongoing trial on Pneumococcal immunization in pregnancy is well suitable for impact analysis of gaia outputs. The site has used GAIA outputs from the beginning and has accrued reasonable data to investigate usefulness and applicability of various GAIA outputs in this setting.