International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS)

Rebecca Sheets, Abbie Charlet, Daniel Gaudry and John Petricciani
The IABS team involved in the GAIA project includes: Rebecca Sheets, Abbie Charlet, Daniel Gaudry and John Petricciani.

IABS acts as a major international forum for bringing together national regulatory and control authorities, manufacturers, academic research workers and public health organizations to develop a consensus on issues concerning the standardization and control of biological medicinal products such as vaccines. IABS has organized over 130 international conferences, and the proceedings of most of those have been published in the symposium series Developments in Biologicals or in the journal Biologicals.

Contribution to the consortium

IABS will be involved in WP4 and 5.

IABS will serve as a well-recognized platform for organizing open scientific meetings in the field and will organize a larger investigator and stakeholder conference in 2016. This will be an important step in facilitating communication and aligning development and user groups of the standards, guidance and tools early in the process. As activity leader 4.1, IABS will be involved in the overall scientific coordination as part of WP5.