Governance Structure


GAIA’s governance structure (see figure below) covers two essential management areas, which partially overlap: 1) the operational level comprising the scientists implementing the work in the activities leading to the project outputs guided by the respective Work Package (WP) leaders. In the case of WP1, the operational level will consist of 100-200 volunteers drawn from the Brighton Collaboration network that will form up to 21 interdisciplinary working groups (WG), each managed by a WG coordinator to develop up to two case definitions each. 2) The strategic level refers to project level guidance and coordination, which involves the Executive Committee formed by the WP Leaders, the Coordination Team (CT), and the Project Leader.

The development of a global standard requires the engagement of a large number of stakeholders (e.g. regulatory agencies, public health organizations academic institutions, health care providers) and experts who will collaborate on a voluntary basis on the development, review and validation of the standards and tools through an iterative consultation process in the framework of multiple streamlined and manageable working groups.