JBonhoeffer_2GAIA project coordinator, Dr Jan Bonhoeffer, made a 30-minute presentation of the GAIA project in the framework of the 3-day “Global Strategies for Global Impact” Symposium, organised on November 4-6 2015 in The Gambia (West Africa).

In a session called “Initiatives to standardise reporting safety endpoints & GAIA”, Dr Bonhoeffer gave an overview of the process, the roadmap, the expected outcomes, and the current achievements of the GAIA project pertinent to immunization in pregnancy research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). Dr Bonhoeffer’s presentation was highly appreciated and raised a lot of interest among the meeting attendees (including leaders from international funding agencies and representatives from WHO, vaccine industry and researchers), especially regarding the call for volunteers for getting part of the groups that will start working on January 2016 on the next set of 10 Neonatal and Obstetric case definitions.

This 3rd International Neonatal & Maternal Immunisation Symposium (INMIS), organised by the Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit (UK) in The Gambia and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, provided an update on key areas in maternal and neonatal immunisation, such as the development and utilization of vaccines for pathogens that affect maternal and child health, the effect of maternal immunity on infant vaccine responses and the role of breast milk and the microbiome in early immunity, with a special focus on practical aspects of research and implementation.