GAIA project coordinator, Dr Jan Bonhoeffer, briefly presented the GAIA project to the Global Vaccine Safety Initiative (GVSI) Committee in the framework of the 2-day stakeholder meeting organised on October 14-15 2015 in Evian-les-Bains (France) that counted with the attendance of almost 80 country representatives from all the WHO regions.

GAIA’s overview provided by Dr Bonhoeffer was part of a session devoted to presentations made by stakeholders and external parties (including also GAVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). GAIA was the only project presented during the meeting and raised high interested among the different attendees, who were very interested on the expected outcomes and their implementation in the field.

Additionally several of the attendees inquired about the GAIA process leading to the different case definitions (which is the usual process applied by the Brighton Collaboration Foundation) and showed interest on becoming part of GAIA’s stakeholder group and of being involved in the working groups that are being configured for working on the next set of 10 definitions, and which will start their discussions in January 2016.

The Global Vaccine Safety Initiative (GVSI), was set up to implement a strategic document on vaccine safety developed in 2011 by the WHO and a group of partners, that comprises a framework of eight strategic objectives aimed at enhancing global vaccine safety activities. The strategic objectives focus on building and supporting a systemic approach to vaccine pharmacovigilance in all low- and middle-income countries.