Vancouver, October 6th 2015

At the recent FIGO World Congress on Gynecology and Obstetrics in Vancouver, CA , Linda Eckert and Flor Muñoz led a session entitled “Speaking the Same Language: Working toward Consensus Definitions for Key Obstetric and Neonatal terms- the Brighton Collaboration Process”. This two hour seminar started with a review of  the basis of maternal immunization, the Brighton Collaboration definition process, and GAIA and its mission by Linda Eckert. Following this, draft definitions from three of the current work groups: Post Partum Hemorrhage, Pre-Eclampsia, and Stillbirth were presented by work group leaders Andrew Weeks, UK, (Post partum Hemorrhage) and Flor Muñoz, US, (Stillbirth) and work group coordinator Carrie Rouse, US (Pre-Eclampsia) as “case examples” of the Brighton definition process.

The audience had broad representation from many continents, and included academicians, regulators, practitioners, researchers and industry representatives. The case discussions were lively with excellent audience participation, and several in the audience voiced interest in participating in the next set of work groups for the next set of definitions. Additionally, excellent input was received from seminar attendees about “how to spread the news” of these definitions and the GAIA effort.