Brighton Collaboration Foundation (BCF)

Jan Bonhoeffer
BCF team members in GAIA PHASE II: Jan Bonhoeffer, Jorgen Bauwens, Simone Casagrande, and Katrin Mueller.

The Brighton Collaboration Foundation (BCF) is an international non-profit organization registered in Switzerland. BCF activities focus on its role within the BC of which it is a constitutional partner and which it serves in many roles including a coordinative focal point of volunteering professionals of the BC.

Contribution to the consortium

The Project lead, Dr Jan Bonhoeffer, will oversee and be ultimately responsible for the proper conduct of the project and timely delivery of all outputs to the BMGF. The contract with the BMGF and all subcontracts with the GAIA consortium partners will be signed by BCF. BCF will also work closely with the pertinent Brighton Collaboration Science Board advisors to ensure alignment of the GAIA consortium work with BC quality standards and processes. The deliverables of the project will be reviewed and submitted to BMGF by BCF.


In GAIA, the BCF team will provide methodological support and overall scientific coordination of the GAIA consortium. It will also leverage the expertise of the global BC network of participating professionals, and provide established infrastructure and methodological support.

BCF will act as leader of OT2, coordinating the work at the outcome level in collaboration with other partners, as well as leading the development of case definition map with specific focus in neonatal case definitions. Furthermore, BCF will coordinate the creation of the inventory of clinical trials and observational studies using GAIA case definitions. Finally, BCF team will be involved in the coordination of the interaction with key stakeholders, including investigators, regulators, and vaccine networks and initiatives, for supporting the implementation of the GAIA outcomes.